Animal Crossing Themed Washi Tape Set


Ahhhhh these are adorable! Washi tape is awesome for decorating planners, gifts, and snail-mail.

There are 4 designs in the set, the set of 4 will cost you $9. For more info, or if you are interested in getting a set check it out at Fangamer.

Splatoon Playing Cards!


Splatoon playing cards are heading our way, and I think I may need to get one of these packs to add to my video game playing card collection!

There are 3 different designs to pick from and they will be $9.99 per design set. They will be released in July, but you can pre-order them now at Play-Asia.


Phantom Brave Coming to PC in July!


Phantom Brave is coming to PC this July! If Phantom Brave sounds familiar, it’s that beautiful tactical RPG that was originally released on the PS2 in 2004. The story follows a 13-year-old orphaned girl who can speak to the dead named Marona and her Phantom, Ash who watches over her. Phantom Brave also semi shares the same universe as Disgaea, and La Pucelle: Tactics as characters from these series cross over as hidden unlock able characters in each others games.

This PC version is based on the Wii port, and will also include the PSP versions additional content. For more info check out Phantom Brave PC Steam Page.

YO-KAI WATCH 2 Confirmed for September


Yo-kai Watch 2 has been confirmed for release in North America. We’ll be seeing the sequel on September 30th, in the form of two separate versions: YO-KAI WATCH 2: Bony Spirits and YO-KAI WATCH 2: Fleshy Souls.

Over 100 new Yo-kai will be added to the series, each game will have their own rare Yo-Kai that can only be found in that version.

Nintendo’s E3 booth will be focused around The Legend of Zelda for Wii U

Nintendo has announced via press release that the only playable demo in their booth at E3 this year will be The Legend of Zelda for Wii U.

Demos are going to be extended, which makes a lot of sense since it’s a game type that would benefit from 20-30+ minute type demos instead of the usual 5-15. Nintendo using all of their demo units also allows as many people as possible to check out the game.

I don’t think this is the only game they plan on showing during the event. My E3 prediction is that this is what you can play at the show, and they will also announce a few surprises, plus showcase a few new trailers.

If you’re not attending the show but want to see the upcoming Zelda game, Nintendo will also be live streaming gameplay.