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Oxenfree by NightSchoolStudio (Spoiler-ish free! As spoiler free as I can be)

I recently bought the Xbox One version of Oxenfree after the game was recommended to me by a few friends. I was immediately drawn into the story book art style, and the branching conversation game play.

Don’t let the welcoming art and pretty colors fool you, the game can definitely be dark and creepy when it wants to be.


You play as Alex, who is bringing her new step brother to an abandoned island party to hang out overnight with some friends. The teens unwittingly tap into the islands dark past, and unleash something spiritual that does not want to let them leave the island. Alex and her friends now have till morning to figure a way for them all to safely get off the island.

The games story deals a lot with death and loss, almost all of the main characters have recently lost someone very close to them. This really adds weight to the games story, making the game not just creepy but very emotional at times.


You can get through Oxenfree in about 3-4 hours, and there are 5 different endings to unlock. I did however experience a few crashes during my play through on the Xbox One, though the PC version of the game is said to be more stable. I definitely recommend checking it out, if you have both options available to you the PC version might be the way to go. Or you can wait for the PS4 version that’s due in the near future.


Street Fighter Jackets by Musterbrand

Musterbrand has recently unveiled their new Street Fighter varsity jackets, and they are now up for pre-order. Two styles avaiable to choose from, M. Bison and Ryu. They are both the same outer color, but there are different designs on the back, and different colored prints on the interior. They cost $99 each and are available for pre-order here.finalsfmainbanner78002-23397712