Hunt A Killer

I recently signed up for Hunt a Killer, which their site describes it is a subscription based murder mystery ARG. There’s not a whole lot of info on the site to describe the experience, and even reading the FAQ is a bit vague. I was looking to see how self-contained cases in a box or season there might be but all the official site says is: Cases are continuous, and the big story continues indefinitely. Think of this like The Silence of the Lambs, where Hannibal Lector is weaving you through different dark stories.

I figured that since I was interested in the subject enough, I’ll give it a 2 month trial to see what I think.If you choose to pay monthly, it’s $30. If you subscribe to a few months in one shot then each box gets slightly discounted. I’m currently paying the month to month $30. I signed up right when shipments were ready to go out so my box arrived just a few days after subscribing.

Here’s the contents of my first Hunt a Killer box!

There’s a basic how-to-play card packed in with everything, and a notebook to keep track of all of my findings. Then there’s an envelope with what currently appears to be a random set of items. I’m going to dig into this first box and post an update in a few days with what I’ve found, and my thoughts on the Hunt a Killer box series so far. Stay tuned! 🙂

Japan Vlog! Kawaii Monster Cafe

One of my favorite places I visited during my recent trip to Japan was a very fun and colorful restaurant called Kawaii Monster Cafe. I put together a short video for you to show you how awesome this place is! If you ever find yourself in Harajuku, Tokyo I highly recommend checking it out. Enjoy the vlog!

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Deadly Premonition Board Game Coming?

This not so subtle teaser that mentions a Deadly Premonition board game is coming has revealed that a Deadly Premonition board game is coming.

I enjoy quirky things like board games based on survival horror games so I’m 100% going to check this out. But I think I feel the same as most others in hoping this was an announcement for a sequel, or a PS4/XBO port.

The has a countdown clock so we know we’ll be getting more info on Deadly Premonition the board game in 4 days.