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My Dream Loot Crate Crate


The folks over at monthly subscription service Loot Crate are looking to see what types of ideas people would put together for the Loot Crate of their dreams. So since I’m a fan of the company, here I am writing about what things I would love to see. . So since I’m a fan of the company, here I am writing about what things I would love to see. I have not received anything in exchange for this post, but I do hope to see any of these items listed below in future crates. Also, it’s been forever since I’ve posted something, and it’s about time I got back to writing. Generally each crate has about 4-6 items that fit a theme set for the month. Each item fits the theme, but are generally unrelated items. For example, February’s theme was Dead and two of the items that came packed with it were a Walking Dead ear soap necklace, and Dead Pool Toy. Both cool items, but unrelated in purpose. I’d love to see an even more focused box, specifically food! Here’s my 6 item type suggestions: Fun and easy toppers like these Edible Eyes   Themed measuring cups  This exact Bee and Puppycat cookbook, it must be this one because I really love Bee and PuppyCat.  Can’t go wrong with lots of sprinkles! 5. Overcooked! Overcooked is a recently released co-op/multiplayer game focused on teamwork and cooking. I think it’s a digital only game, and Loot Crate has inserted codes in the past so I’m pitching putting in a cooking game! 6. Cupcake Kit! I’d personally love to see a Splatoon neon splash colored themed kit, but I don’t think those exist. Loot Crate has come up with some pretty interesting exclusives in the past and an exclusive cupcake kit is pretty far out there, but hey, this is my dream crate right? How do you like my Dream Crate? What would you guys put in your own crate? Let me know in the comments!

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Loot Crate’s April Quest Unboxing

Thanks so much for watching! The Quest crate was provided by the team over at Loot Crate, all opinions on the crate are my own. If you want to sign up for only $13.37 a month + s/h you can subscribe here: http://www.lootcrate.com/ThatGirlsSite Enter the code ThatGirl for 10% off your first crate! (*・_・)ノ*`*`* If you’d like to see more videos, please consider subscribing.  

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